Date Ideas In Logan

Here are some of the best things to do with a significant other, or even just some friends, in Utah State University’s city of Logan. Logan boasts a strong food culture but, while eating out is always an option, it’s good to have a variety of activities available.

Hike Crimson Trail

For the outdoor lovers, those who enjoy breathtaking views or even those who want to get active, the Crimson Trail is a fantastic place to begin. It is a six-mile trail that has a great view of the Wind Cave and Second Dam. Although it is deemed a somewhat difficult hike, the view and the sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching the end will certainly make it worth it.

Stargazing in the country

Stargazing on a clear night out in Newton or any other area just outside Logan City is a beautiful activity for a romantic date or a potentially awesome time with friends. Taking the time to appreciate nature and a significant other is perfect for downtime and relaxation. It is recommended to bring blankets, pillows, and to have a responsible campfire where it’s allowed.

Ice Skating

An undervalued activity that doesn’t gain as much traction as it should is ice skating at the George S. Eccles Ice Center. They offer deals for two and other specials to help bring down the price of admission and rentals. The center is non-profit and local to Logan. Ice skating is a great date experience for first-timers, couples with mixed levels of experience, and two experienced partners showing off their talent to each other


Zootah, formally known as Willow Park Zoo, is a local zoo that has a large variety of wildlife and exotic animals. There are even occasional chances to interact with small animals such as hedgehogs. The Willow Park area is beautiful and is a great activity daytime activity or date.

The Jump Zone

For a fun, not-so-romantic date, couples can check out the trampoline warehouse, The Jump Zone. With foam pits and indoor trampolines, bouncing around with friends or a significant other is a great activity for any occasion. This place is amazing for bringing the inner-child out of anyone.